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Runner “Slide”. Improving the Prototype


Today i want to tell you about our next project “Slide”.

The prehistory of this project is pretty the same: we got the suggestion from the talented developer, Egor, to improve his prototype.

The basis of the prototype is a mechanic in which the player is constantly rolling sideways. If you don’t jump down, you will die from the spikes on the wall. Controlling is pretty simple — one tap on the screen. In the game, there were also obstructing objects that complicate the way down. Also on the way, you could find coins which give you game points.

That’s how the game looks now.

But we want to improve it for sure. At the first stage, we will need to collect a maximum of suitable ideas, and then build the prototype where we can test all the ideas. We are working on this right now.

1. We started with the game mode. To be honest, the model of the endless game itself is becoming more outmoded. Therefore, we decided to add a level passing mode. It means that in the game You will have a clear task: pass the level to the end, bypassing all obstacles. Levels will be generated infinitely. But the further you go, the more coins you will receive. Coins can be spent on customization of the game.

2. Also, we want to add to the game dynamic obstacles that change the process and complicate the further levels of the game. The moving object and the activating obstacle won’t allow the player to pass the level easily and make him more cautious.

3. But we don’t want to Complicate the process of the game without adding bonuses for the player. It wouldn’t be the best idea, right? Therefore, the clever players will be able to speed up the game points and can receive a shield forgiving one mistake. If you want to get a shield, you need to take a risk and “descend” as close to the spikes as possible. Did you perform it 5 times in a row? Got a shield which can save you.

And last but not the least thing which we want to implement: the energy that allows the player to skip several floors at once. Something like a booster, which is better not to miss.

Very very excited to bring this plan to life!

Evgeny Grishakov

About author

CEO and owner of Garden of Dreams Studio. He likes RPGs, Rogue-Like games and Business Simulators even more than the films of James Cameron. He likes board games. Runs marathons, participates in the triathlons. Feel free to ask John any questions you have.
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