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Our Nearest Releases (Testers Needed)

Guys, we are doing our best to release the games as soon as possible. But it’s really important to polish the games and make them work well. So, it takes more time, than we expected.

What games are closer to release? The higher, the faster the release will be:

  1. Slide. We are finishing inbound testings. And now we want to attract several people from our community to test the game. We need android and iPhone owners. Just email me your device to and I will send you back our game.
  2. Desert Coyote. The game about tanks was close to release, but we had to change the developer to the new one. So, we hope, that it takes only 1 week to finish the game mechanics and we will test it. All the graphic is ready.
  3. Slime. We are drawing the last 2 bosses. It will take about 1 week. And then I hope that we need 1 week to implement them into the game. So, 2-3 weeks before we release it.
  4. Virus. I think Virus is an awesome game. Every week we are getting closer and closer to the end of development. Now we are illustrating the last graphic. I hope that it takes 2-3 weeks. Parallel with the appearance we are working on the game mechanics and balance. I hope we will announce and show this game on our speech on DevGAMM conference in Moscow on 16-17 May.
  5. Faceless. We almost finished all game mechanics. Just a few days ago tested it. And I can say, that you never played the game like this. We really have several game mechanics that will be really interesting, you will feel the difference. For example, we have a mask of telekinetic, vampyre with revolt ability and pyromaniac mask with AOE damage. I understand, that it says you nothing. But wait for a little, when we have something to show you, we will do it.

And the thing is, that we are starting to develop 1 more project. It’s the game for children. I can’t say you more this time. But let’s wait for several weeks and we will show you first results.

Stay tuned guys. And don’t forget to send your devices to my email for testings.

Regards, Evgeny

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CEO and owner of Garden of Dreams Studio. He likes RPGs, Rogue-Like games and Business Simulators even more than the films of James Cameron. He likes board games. Runs marathons, participates in the triathlons. Feel free to ask John any questions you have.
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