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Slime Game

We start our devlog posts about games, that in development right now. I wanna remind you, that now we are developing 5 mobile games. One of them is the game Slime. It is mobile runner, that you can play, while you are waiting something in line. It has several interesting mechanics. And i hope really soon we will show you the results of our work.

Today we asked our programmer Aivar about game development process.

  • Describe, please, what problems arose in creating the prototype?
    The greatest problem in the development was the calculation of the movement of dynamic objects. We had to carefully adjust the parameters for the harmonious movement of all objects.
  • What problems still remain?
    At the moment, there are problems with the movement of the character (with his animations). Now they are implemented programmatically (the position of an object changes according to coordinates), and because of this, bugs arise when an object may inaccurately move.
  • Do you use any extensions from the unity asset store in your work?
    The game is developed completely from scratch, without the use of third-party extensions (excluding plug-ins for platforms).
  • Do you use some additional sources of information, when you stuck in development?
    To work on the game, if there are any problems, I open the Unity documentation. If any critical situations arise, then I’m looking for information on StackOverflow.

To get some additional information about the game Slide, check this video:

First video, where Slime Game appeared
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