BOO! is live for testing!

Guys, we did a great job and make our game available for testing. Keep in mind, that it’s only a first MVP version of the game. But it’s so cool!

In Boo Autofire VS Nameless Plants, our most requested feature of all time comes in the form of a classic ‘destroy them all’ style autofire mode. Thу genre of the game is “BULLET HELL”!

The game’s story unfolds in a small town where, due to mysterious circumstances, plants have mutated into evil monsters. Sinister plants terrify and fear, destroying everything in their path. But what is it? Revenge on humanity? 

Try our demo of the game

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CEO and owner of Garden of Dreams Studio. He likes RPGs, Rogue-Like games and Business Simulators even more than the films of James Cameron. He likes board games. Runs marathons, participates in the triathlons. Feel free to ask John any questions you have.
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