We are a small Game Dev studio based in Moscow. But actually, we are scattered around the world. Misha lives in Siberia, Danil – in Kaliningrad, Dima – in Smolensk. But this doesn’t really matter. Our great goal is to create brilliant games.

At the moment we are developing 5 cool mobile games that we want to release and show you soon. But in our head, we have a bigger goal – to make the game of our dreams on PC, Mac, and consoles. We want to start its development in 2020.

We are different from other companies because all our game dev processes will be aboveboard to every person. We describe the development process on this platform, we listen to the opinions of our subscribers and involve them to tests of our games.

And we have the YouTube blog: 365 Game Dev Blog. We publish the video every day! The blog is designed for gamers and just people who love games and everything related to them. It will be really cool if you sign up and come here often.

Our team

When we create games, we tell stories to users.

John Grishakov



Mike Ponyakshin

Mike Ponyaskshin

Game Designer

Danil Chekalin


Unity Developer

Dmitry Kostychenkov

Pixel Illustrator